"Prophecy Update: Special Interview with Bill Salus and Pastor Tom Hughes" pt 3 - EndTimesTV
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“Prophecy Update: Special Interview with Bill Salus and Pastor Tom Hughes” pt 3

  • Mark Shirley
    Posted at 13:13h, 10 April Reply

    Yes I agree with Bill that this latest move by Trump in Syria is the preparation for the fulfilment of Psalm 83 (read his book) and also the fulfilment of Isaiah 17:1.
    Now this is what I want you to pay particular attention to here. I also believe Trump and his time is the fulfilling of Daniel 7.
    The standard view by the church for the last 200 years is that Daniel 7 is a review of the Daniel 2 statue vision from another perspective, but if the church would only pay attention to the differences in the details, we would have to admit we have been accepting what the Lord Jesus may have been hiding in these scriptures.
    I have a short work on Daniel 7 by Adrian Bates which I can only email to you because I don’t have the technological ability to send it to you any other way.
    Please, can you email me Bill Salus email address to which I can send these few pages of what I believe will be a huge revelation of the four major power-blocks and their actions in this very day.
    With the kindest regards in Jesus name. mark.

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