"Prophecy Update: Antichrist, Is he here?" - EndTimesTV
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“Prophecy Update: Antichrist, Is he here?”

“Prophecy Update: Antichrist, Is he here?”

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  • Timothy Wallender
    Posted at 08:10h, 09 October Reply

    If we are to follow Paul as the Apostle to the Gentiles, under the mystery, is it that when we believe in our hearts that”Gd hath raised Him from the dead that we are saved? And again if Paul is the “follow me” leader for this “dispensation of grace” do not the gifts and calling of God lead us to repentance, rather then we repent to be saved? All this wonderful work you have done but then to say “accept Jesus” or something of the sort does not make sense to me. If my letter does not reflect my humbleness then as you think of my question please know that I am not trying to steer you or rebuke as most ministries say just the same.
    I just do not understand why there is such a search for what will happen literally, but not pursuing the literal requirements for salvation?

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